We aim to provide a greater understanding of Islam.


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Who We Are?

Darul Arqam is located at the corner of Haddon Street and Clarence Road Derby. This Islamic institution was set-up in May 2005 due to the demand and need for improved educational services in Qura��an and Hadith studies. Working in connection with other Islamic institutes across the country we have opened the following Ahlul-lus-Sunnah Wal Jamaa��ah institute following Hanafi school of thought. We aim to provide a greater understanding of Islam to people of all sections of the community and to provide accessible and adequate education in Islamic studies which otherwise is not available. We also aim to provide an environment in which we can safeguard the Iman of the Muslim youth of today especially in the modern times of corruption (fitnah) we are living in.

What We Can Do?

We have Madrassah classes for both boys and girls of all ages starting from the age of 4. All our teachers are English speaking and certified scholars in Islamic studies. The girls classes are taught separately by female teachers, and girls of all ages are welcome.
We hold boys and girls classes in :-

Nazirae Qura��an (Recitation of Qura��an) with Tajweed
Hifz ul Qura��an (memorizing the Qura��an)
Hanafi Fiqh, Salaat with actions and English translation
Urdu language
Soon Insha Allah we will be starting Arabic language classes.


We also hold five times Salaat with congregation and Salaat ul Jumua��ah (Friday prayer). Our Friday speech is in English and We are also the only madrassah in Derby to have an English speaking Imam

Please call in for further information, all are welcome non Muslims as well as Muslims. If you would just like to know more about Islam for a school or college project or if you are interested in a distance learning course please call us we will be happy to help.

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